The McCall Academy was an industry first. It is recognised as the leading supplier of new entrants to the Recruitment sector, and has led to hundreds of successful careers in the industry.

Traditionally we hold an academy day for a sponsored client, who has first choice of all successful candidates that pass the course.

Our assessment seminars are designed to give non-experienced recruiters a genuine and detailed insight into recruitment. Candidates are assessed, screened and monitored whilst they are put through a series of individual and group tests, situations and role plays. We provide independent advice to guide them through the maze of options open to them within recruitment. Allowing them to make informed choices about their first critical step into the industry. Successful candidates are then introduced to their Account Executive who will personally handle all aspects of the individual’s career search from that juncture.

"Great day with lots to learn - thank you Sally and Alex!"
James Firth

"I really enjoyed the Academy day, it was very useful"
Mosengo Fineaze

Areas that were particularly useful: "Taster sessions so we know what we could potentially be getting in to."
Redmond Carney

If you want to start a career in the Recruitment Industry, or are looking for people without previous recruitment experience, then please talk to Sally Johnson.