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McCall was established in 1992 and now operates from throughout the UK and Australia. We know our industry like the back of our hand - we should too – we have over 100 years recruitment experience between us! Why not put your career in the hands of market leaders - your future is valuable. We have the expertise and knowledge to truly assist you in your career search, whatever the level.

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Relationships and people are the foundation of our business. Therefore, we never lose sight of how important the right people are to businesses, and the right careers are to people.We strive to exceed the expectations of our clients and candidates by offering the most professional, ethical and knowledgeable recruitment service in the market.

  • ​Sarah was superb at managing my process and held my hand all the way through a new role. Lots of transparency and clarity and great devotion to what she does. Thank you, Sarah!

    Helena Rattova


  • ​I had the pleasure of interacting with Sarah (and am still in contact with her). It has been so easy, and she went out of her way to keep me up to date with the processes that would be taking place, as well as who to contact should I have any issues if she was not available.I really appreciate all your help, as well as making each process so stress-free

    Abigail Asia


  • ​I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for your recent efforts during my job search and for finding me my ideal role! Not only have you taken the time to ensure that you encapsulated my experience and skill set perfectly but you have also articulated that to your client in a way that I never could have! You have tirelessly updated and checked in with me throughout the recruitment process to ensure that all is ok and if anything has changed, along the way offering constructive and positive advice. Leaving no stone unturned you have made what could of been a very tough process seem effortless and given me the push I needed to go out there and be myself! Your frank and honest opinions have been refreshing and quite honestly your persistence is what has eventually led us to success. If I could summarise my experience of dealing with McCall in words I would say efficient, committed and effective. Good luck to you and the team and I am sure that our paths will cross again in the future!


  • ​I have worked with Andy for a number of years as both candidate and client. He is knowledgeable, well connected with an excellent track record of delivery and the first person I contact when looking to hire or need market advice. He has a deep understanding of the businesses he recruits for and in turn matches candidate traits/personalities accordingly. It's difficult to look past Andy in what's a really competitive London recruitment market.

    Stuart Bullen

    LMA Recruitment

  • ​McCall where extremely professional from the very first contact. They have a great understanding of the marketplace, client and the client requirement as well as understanding the relocation process. I truly found this a hassle free move with McCall working quickly and efficiently to deal with all my queries.

    James Rigg

    Operations Director – Asia Medacs Healthcare

  • ​Andy is the best connected Rec2Rec in London - FACT. If you are a looking for a new role Andy should be the first person you call.

    Aaman Soni


  • ​I had the pleasure of working with Andy on 2 separate occasions. He took the time to meet me outside of my work hours to see what my next steps would be. He was thoroughly professional and managed to find exactly what I was looking for from his extensive professional experience in a very short period of time, also offering his honest opinion on the pros and cons of each role. A couple of my current and former colleagues have also worked with and speak very highly of him. I cant recommend him enough.

    Terry O'Neill


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