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  • Publish Date: Posted about 8 years ago
  • Author: Molly
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McCall has been providing staffing solutions to the Recruitment industry for over 20 years and we recognise the challenges our clients face every day in the quest to develop effective and sustainable recruitment solutions for their clients and maximise profit for their business.

Julie Fouad heads the McCall Outsource Recruitment Solutions initiative within the UK markets. Her broad skill set and experience enables her to understand the challenges recruitment businesses face every day in the quest to develop effective and sustainable recruitment solutions for their clients and maximise profit for their business.

In short, delivering customised outsourcing to recruitment and staffing firms helping them gain competitive advantage within their business.

Covering core as well as ancillary activities, the solutions McCall ORS provides are game changers which ensure that our clients leverage significant and strategic benefits from outsourcing.

To know more about how outsourced solutions could help your business, see below to check on some of our successful case studies and testimonials from our clients.

Business is booming and the demand for staff is increasing daily. We are back to a market where for many businesses the candidate is king and great candidates are hard to find, hard to recruit and even harder to retain. 

Even so, clients are still focusing on driving down recruitment costs. Many more are engaging with RPO's and MSP's and recruiters are finding that previously valued relationships have been replaced by a series of cold transactions. Some choose to walk away, whilst others are determined to keep a toe in the water, anticipating the potential for a cyclical change in strategy that will bring the client back on to a relationship based way of working again.

How do you continue to supply but not invest your best recruiters time and skills for an often low return?  

Running and growing a recruitment business in these conditions is challenging. Traditional methods are complex, time consuming and costly. So it is hardly surprising more and more business owners are exploring and implementing outsourcing solutions. 

1. Agility and Flexibility:

Outsourcing enables businesses to be responsive and scale operations up or down fast, eliminating the associated business complications of expanding or reducing teams and associated infrastructure – locally and globally

2. Increase Productivity:

A recruiter’s efficiency is affected, often significantly, by the burden of non-core functions. By outsourcing these activities recruitment businesses can optimise the efficiency of their recruiters, increase core headcount and generate higher returns. This can also have a marked impact on team morale and improve retention

3. Significant Savings:

Processes that are outsourced provide cost savings of at least 50%. This is enabling businesses to redefine their operational model, stay competitive and maintain margins even in the toughest sector

4. Competitive Advantage:

The success of a recruitment business depends on how fast it can deliver qualified, available and retainable candidates. Outsourcing enables recruiters to spread their network across the globe and speed up hiring whatever the size of their organisation 24 hours 7 days per week