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  • Publish Date: Posted over 9 years ago
  • Author: Molly
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​Japan is celebrating the role of women in work, beginning in mid-September with two weeks of events focusing on everything from female entrepreneurs to working mums.

The main event on September 12th-14th is the World Assembly for Women, or WAW! Tokyo 2014, sandwiched by a 'shine' week on either side for satellite events that promote working women's 'time to shine'.

On Friday September 12th, a discussion panel of female business leaders, led by the Japanese prime minister's wife, Mrs Akie Abe, will focus on women's power as the source of economic growth.

And the outline for the event describes it as "working positively with half of the world's population - women!"

It is all part of efforts to make women feel a welcomed and valued part of the Japanese business community, as well as to build the supply of homegrown female talent.

For women in business worldwide, it's an opportunity to meet Japanese leaders - including many women already at management level in the country - both in Tokyo and in towns and cities throughout the country.

It is hoped that WAW! will become an annual event in Japan, making it likely that an increasing number of opportunities for female employees will become available in the country during the coming years.