Today's Leadership Challenge 

At a time of profound transformation in our sector, leaders are facing more challenges than ever. In a 2012 Harvard Business Review, more than 50% of executives admitted feeling lonely in their role and the majority found that this regularly affected their job performance – this is just one of the most pressing issues facing leaders in recruitment today.

As a leader, if you’re facing any of the following challenges, you’re not alone.

  • Greater loneliness and isolation.

  • Pressure to attract and retain internal talent.

  • Differentiating your brand.

  • Meeting Millennials need for deeper meaning.

    “I use Suhail to drive new thinking as we face an ever changing industry. Suhail is on top of all the current trends.”

  • Albert Ellis, CEO, Harvey Nash Group PLC

    “I find Suhail very inspirational. He shares his experience and wisdom honestly. Truly helping others to find their path on their spiritual journey”

    Matthew Betteridge, Co-Founder and CEO at OneCall24

    Why Leaders' Life Mastery Coaching is Successful

    The WISDOM model is a powerful tool developed by Suhail Mirza, following his own personal journey to find a deeper meaning to life and a permanent path to transformation. Based on Suhail Mirza’s acclaimed book and Amazon top seller, Many Mansions, you will be introduced to the six stages of the WISDOM model, to help guide your journey to deeper fulfilment and success in all areas of your life. Leaders’ Life Mastery Coaching will enable you to:

  • Overcome loneliness and extinguish critical ‘self-talk’

  • Develop deeper connections with colleagues, the world and yourself.

  • Turn away from illusory and often destructive habits.

  • Boost productivity and business performance.

  • “The biggest factor in employees perceiving of work as meaningful is developing the inner self.“

    Alexi Robichaux, CEO at BetterUp, speaking at CHRO Leadership Forum SF, USA

    Suhail Mirza's Bio 

    Suhail Mirza, is a businessman, author, speaker and creator of Leaders’ Life Mastery Coaching. Well-known and respected by senior leaders in the staffing and recruitment sector for his industry insight and experience, Suhail is advisor and Chairman to several businesses, including Engage specialist recruitment, Camino Partners, Empresaria Group member IMS, City Editor at Recruitment International and Judge at the Talint/Recruitment International Awards. In 2016, Suhail’s acclaimed book, Meet the CEO, was published.


    “Leadership can at times be both lonely and challenging. Suhail’s words offer thoughts, tips and ideas that can support our own personal and often unique journeys.”

    Yvette Cleland, CEO at Clinical Professionals & one of SIA’s top 50 most powerful women in staffing globally

    “Suhail is an inspirational man and has strong values and a calmness that that is infectious. He has an excellent coaching style, connecting with personal leadership and commercial challenges with ease”

    Stewart McCoy, Chair REC (Education)